Vebo Holland

From 1909, Vebo, located in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, has produced and exported high quality Dutch Gouda and other cheeses. The Vebo young cheeses have a significantly rich taste. The ripened cheeses from slightly matured till aged have a strong distinctive flavor and richness that is unmistakably unique to the world renowned Dutch cheeses. This collection adds many products “For a Good Life” (LeChayim Tovim).

Since the arrival of the Jewish community to Holland 350 years ago, Dutch Jews wanted to enjoy the fabulous flavor and unique taste of Gouda cheese, while still observing the most stringent rules of kashrut. Over 30 years ago Vebo achieved this goal by developing vegetarian rennet, which almost duplicated the taste of cheese made using animal rennet. Today, Vebo continues this research and development to introduce more cheese types with vegetarian rennet versions. Vebo operates under the strict kosher supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Holland. All Vebo kosher cheeses are Chalav Yisrael, kosher for Passover (no kitniot) and free of animal rennet.

Top Food offers you the following types of kosher cheesees:
• Gouda, in various packaging, fat content and aging
• Goat (Dutch ripened)
• Edam
• Havarti (from Danish origin)
• Mimolette (from French origin)

Vebo’s high quality packaging enables a 10-month shelf life. Package sizes include: 4 slices in 16 gram package, 8 slices in 20 gram package, and chunks in 240 gram package. These products, which are easy to store, sell and use, are available in kosher shops across Europe, including England, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark.

Moshe, president of Top Food, has enjoyed Vebo cheeses so much since his childhood in Holland that he decided to bring that experience to Israel. Now Israelis who appreciate rich taste and unique flavor can buy these products locally under strict rabbinical supervision and at reasonable prices.

To see a table of the available kosher cheeses from Vebo Holland, click here.

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