About Us

Our Vision

To understand the customer’s needs and supplier’s capabilities to ensure success.

Our Customer Mission

  1. Promoting quality products

    We offer a variety of items from a wide range of world-leading companies.

  2. Professional assistance

    Our standard of service includes free of charge technical assistance from experts in the field.

Our Vendor Mission

  1. Knowledgeable and accountable

    Knowledgeable, accountable, transparent, and well organized promotion of products in Israel.

  2. Reach a broad audience

    We offer a unique marketing channel that has direct access to key decision-makers in Israel’s industry.

  3. Professional assistance

    Quick, clear and accurate responses in this challenging market.

Who’s behind the Scenes?

David Wolfish image
David (“DJ”) Wolfish
Sales Manager
“DJ” has 32 years of experience in import/export businesses in the food, automotive, electronics and beauty & health care fields. He is well acquainted with the regulations and procedures regarding the Israel Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and National Food Services. “DJ” has vast expertise with negotiations, import logistics, and fostering successful long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. He speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish.
Moshe Bril photo
Moshe Bril
משה בריל. הנשיא והשותף Top Food  בעל נסיון ידע ותבונה עסקית ותרבותית בשוק הארופי. הנסיון שלו כולל הקמה פיתוח וניהול בחברות  (www.ILPhotonics.com) בתחום המסחר (www.oxitone.com) בתחום הרפואה (www.holoor.co.il) ובתחום האופטיקה למד פיזיקה באמסטרדם ירושלים ורחובות ותלמוד באמסטרדם אנוורפן וכרם ביבנה מחזיק בשלושה פטנטים דובר הולנדית אנגלית עברית וגרמנית.