About Us

Our Vision

To understand the customer’s needs and supplier’s capabilities to ensure success.

Our Customer Mission

  1. Promoting quality products

    We offer a variety of items from a wide range of world-leading companies.

  2. Professional assistance

    Our standard of service includes free of charge technical assistance from experts in the field.

Our Vendor Mission

  1. Knowledgeable and accountable

    Knowledgeable, accountable, transparent, and well organized promotion of products in Israel.

  2. Reach a broad audience

    We offer a unique marketing channel that has direct access to key decision-makers in Israel’s industry.

  3. Professional assistance

    Quick, clear and accurate responses in this challenging market.

Who’s behind the Scenes?

Moshe Bril
Moshe is the president and co-founder of Top Food, providing business insight and knowledge about the European market and culture. His experience includes the founding, development and management of companies in the commerce (www.ILPhotonics.com), medical (www.oxitone.com) and optics (www.holoor.co.il) fields. He studied physics in Amsterdam, Rehovoth and Jerusalem and Talmud in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Kerem BeYavne. Moshe holds three patents and speaks Dutch, English, Hebrew, German and Yiddish.
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